With the continued growth in Print media diversification, internet and social media access is our focus to ensure our younger Chinese demographic are well connected to realize the benefits and value of quality readership.


Trend Weekly is owned and operated by parent company Trend Media Inc. and is a FREE Chinese language tabloid Newspaper in western Canada, based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Catering to the younger demographic audience within the Chinese community, Trend Weekly was founded by publisher Mr. Danny Chan in 2001.


Trend Weekly is truly the most popular, well read Chinese publication available in today’s Chinese community and marketplace. With huge community support programs that include World Vision. For well over a decade, Trend Weekly has continued to grow and evolve with the continued support of it’s Chinese Community. With well over 30 years of professionalism in the publishing arena, Danny Chan is truly recognized as a major advocate in support of cultural programs and local support to the Chinese Community.


Trend weekly is available at over 100 locations in Calgary throughout China Town and surrounding communities. With a readership of over 45,000 weekly.


Trend Weekly is available every week through the largest racking/stands and merchant distribution network. Focusing on Consumer trends, and local community issues that directly affects our community – the proof is from within our community support programs, Mainstream advertising and loyal long term readership incentives via couponing.


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  2. Hello,
    I would like to make an inquiry about ad space. Can someone reach out with some details?
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